Staying in Residence at Loxley Hall

Through our actions we believe that:

Our aim at Loxley Hall School is to make you feel safe, wanted and listened to. We want you to become a young person who will continue in work, training or education in your home town when you leave Loxley.

We will provide overnight accommodation stays or extended days, which you can choose with your parents. The school will give you your own care plan to help you develop the skills you will need to improve in specific areas.

Loxley Hall will provide you with choices of activities when you can have fun, enjoy success, trust adults, make friends and develop your confidence.

During your stays we will listen to and act upon your choices and feelings and provide you with a safe, secure and pleasant house to live in. You will have your own private space and be looked after by well trained, caring and respectful adults. We will help you make sensible choices to keep yourself safe, healthy and happy.

We also ask a lot of you. We encourage you to join in activities, look after yourself, get on with and respect others and show good manners. Staff lead by example and we expect you to copy them.

Helping You to Help Yourself