What is Loxley Hall like? 

Here are some of the thoughts of the pupils who are currently at Loxley Hall.
‘The teachers are very supportive and helpful. Loxley Hall is a very old school, they have extended it. The school is supposed to be haunted. They take you on trips like we have been to Alton Towers, Old Trafford, mountain biking, Wales camping trip, seeing the mayor and visiting an ice-cream factory. You can also stay at residence or do an extended day. The lessons are very fun and the teachers are bonkers. This is the best school you could ever go to.’

‘On a Friday afternoon we have boy of the week and lottery, also class of the week and you choose an activity.’

‘We go on lots of trips and days out, together as a class. We can’t just go on them you have to earn them. Like being good and helpful to teachers and other students.’

  • ‘I’ve been camping.’
  • ‘I’ve been mountain biking.’
  • ‘I’ve been to Tamworth castle.’
  • ‘I’ve seen the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.’
  • ‘We went to Lichfield cathedral.’
  • ‘I went to the Power League football competition.’
  • ‘I’ve been to Waterworld.’

‘Loxley Hall School is just the best school you could ever go to. It is a lot of fun while you are doing your work the teachers are organizing trips that you can go on. You are not just learning and having fun you are disciplined.’

‘All of the teachers are very nice. On Friday you do activities like football, DT and many more. There are lots of things going on, so if you are thinking of coming over come!’